The Cisterna water tankers are a solid range of soundproofed watering and flushing equipment with a high level of functionality and versatility.

Along with undertaking watering and flushing operations they are capable of auxiliary work such as fire-fighting.

With a wide range of options, our Cisterna water tankers can be tailored to meet customer requirements.

Watering and flushing of pedestrianised streets, residential zones and gardens.


Capacities: From 8,600 to 16,000 litres
Materials: Aluminium 5083 HIII
Instrument panel: Pneumatic / Joystick control via PLC.
Pump activation: Gearbox or silenced auxiliary motor.
Pressure pump: 15m3/h - 15 bar.
Pressure valves on right side.
2 watering jets
Flushers: Frontal, 1 set of 2 pneumatically directional nozzles.
Variaqua: Automatic flow control system related to speed.
Average consumption savings of 20% (optional)
Vacu-jet: Special nozzle with blowing effect.
Impulse of an air/water mix. Average savings of 60% (optional)
Reel: Manual activation or electric.
Ducted Aluminium directional watering pole (optional).
Finish: Stripped stainless steel / Painted (optional).

Soundproofed watering and flushing equipment Ideal for the watering and flushing of pedestrianised streets, residential zones and gardens without disturbing the environment.


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