Toploader® BioWaste

Our solution for Food Waste, lots of it.
Collection in large volumes of any materials is a tough job, commercial scale collections of food waste is a real tough job. Food Waste is typically dense, semi-aqueous and not always that pleasant to deal with.

So, you need a solution that is robust, leakproof and capable of handling heavy, food waste filled, containers.

That is why our Toploader® BioWaste series employ our proven TLL1280 and TLL360 series of bin lift systems, time proven, superbly engineered recycling body lift solutions that fully constrain and hold a container reliably throughout its discharge arc to ensure total safety. 

As with every model in our whole Toploader® range, the Toploader® BioWaste comes configured as standard with;

  • Fully constrained guide wheels for a controlled tip
  • TLL360 and/or TLL1280 lift options for collection of 2 and 4 wheel containers
  • Fully enclosed automatically opening lid
  • Bin friendly, variable speed lifting operation
  • Wander lead controls for safe operation distance
  • Meets EN 418:1992, Safety of Machinery directive
  • In-cab & external e-stops with anti-tamper detection
  • Anti-shake control system to eliminate abuse
  • Park brake interlocked with PTO, system operation and worklights
  • Vehicle height warning system
  • Hydraulic hose burst safety valves to all lift cylinders
  • In-cab controls ensure operator efficiency and safety
  • External electrical equipment rated to IP67

*TW&ID Prep - Terberg Weighing and RFID Preparation

**The specifications listed above represent the most common configurations, however, certain chassis/body combinations may require these to be modified.




Two wheeled bins only?

TLL360 based Toploader BioWaste, perfect for medium to large scale collection operations that only use 2 wheel EN840.1 compliant containers up to 360 litres.

The lightweight, yet robust TLL360 lift is designed for purpose and engineered with low weight in mind, but still robust enough to cope with the everyday demands of a busy food waste collection service.



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