Kerbsider® Stillage
No tipping
Just take out

Offers similar volumes to the Kerbsider® Compact and Kerbsider® 25N but the body is configured with removable stillages.

Popular body volumes for the Kerbsider® Stillage are 18 and 26 cu.m and provide segregated collection stillages that are locked into position ready to take up to 8 different recyclable factions.

The load collected in each stillage is discharged through the removal of full stillages and emptying them using a forklift truck with rotating tines.

The Kerbsider® Stillage comes complete with a Kerbsider®-style side mounted trough for receiving loose material and subsequent lifting / emptying into the stillages.

Trough control is safe and efficient via the two-handed control station.

Options include a bin clamp system to allow lifting of wheeled containers up to 240L, rear mounted storage pods, smooth body kits, autolube systems, CCTV systems and trough lining solutions.

The Kerbsider® Stillage range include;

  • Fully constrained guide wheels to control the lifting cycle
  • Powered 240L container clamp option
  • Fully enclosed roof lid, automatically opens during lifting
  • Variable speed lifting cycle to reduce container damage
  • Two-handed external controls
  • E-stop system meets EN418:1992
  • All E-stops complete with anti-tamper detection
  • Anti-shake system to eliminate abuse
  • Park brake monitoring interlocked with PTO, system operation and worklights
  • Vehicle height warning system when lift or rear door raised
  • Hydraulic hose burst safety valves to all cylinders
  • External electrical equipment to IP67

*TW&ID Prep - Terberg Weighing and RFID Preparation

**The specifications listed above represent the most common configurations, however, certain chassis/body combinations may require these to be modified.

Kerbsider® Stillage 26

Perfect segregation for kerbside collections


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