Developed specifically for "segregated at source" kerbside operations that collect dry recyclables with an option to also collect food waste.

The Kerbloader® Stillage soluton makes safe and efficient collection of multiple recyclable streams possible by a combination of a high level automated plastic/can press system, various removable stillages, a card press unit and various storage compartments.

With loading possible from both sides, the Kerbloader® Stillage gives great flexibility and collection efficiency to fill its capacious 33 cubic metres of total volume and can carry up to 4665kgs as a payload using the plastic stillage option.

The Kerbloader® Stillage features include;

  • E-stop system to meet BS EN ISO 13850:2008
  • Park brake monitoring and interlock to prevent operation when driving
  • External control protection to IP67
  • 33 cubic metres collection volume with up to 4665 kgs payload
  • Automated card press unit option
  • Lightweight and rust-free composite wall and roof construction
  • Removable stillages with loading access from both sides
  • Stillages designed to take food waste, glass and paper materials
  • Plastic stillage options available to provide even greater payloads
  • 'Plug and Play' components to reduce repair down time
  • Vehicle height warning to reduce risk of driving with rear door up
  • System isolation system to prevent unauthorised use
  • Burst hose protection on hydraulic circuits
  • Intelligent engine speed control to reduce emissions, fuel consumption and noise

*TW&ID Prep - Terberg Weighing and RFID Preparation

**The specifications listed above represent the most common configurations, however, certain chassis/body combinations may require these to be modified.




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