Our efficient high level TA-DE (E) low voltage electric bin lift system, offering split automatic operation. 

The TA-DE (E) shares its mechanical design components, efficiency saving features and safety enhancing benefits with the standard TA-DE but requires only 24v chassis electrical power for operation. 

The TA-DE is a simple but fully automatic lift offering a straightforward solution to collect 80-340 litre domestic wheeled containers.

The TA-DE (E) can help contribute to significant fuel savings when used on normal RCV collection rounds, depending on driver behaviour, bin to bin distance, distance to tip and other variables.

Whilst being in our standard range the TA-DE still comes as standard with a unique "no kick back" geometry, an automatic container shaker, Packer Cycle Delay Control (PCDC) and a diagnostic display unit.

The TA-DE offers our latest Rear Protective Device (RPD) in compliance with EN1501.5 to protect the user and public during automatic domestic operation.

Environmentally friendly performance comes as standard and the lift is designed to be compatible with future developments in electric & hybrid RCV technologies.

Our electric TA-DE (E) offers practically silent operation producing less than 57 dB(A) of noise.

¹RPD - Rear Protective Device
²TW&ID Prep - Terberg Weighing and RFID Preparation
³PCDC - Packer Cycle Delay Control

**The electrical specifications listed above represent the most common configurations, however, certain chassis/body combinations may require these to be modified.


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