Dynamic Weighing


The VDH9013 Certified Dynamic Weighing and ID system allows you to weigh and identify individual bins efficiently during the collection rounds without any interference needed by the driver.
At the core of the system is the Vehicle Data Hub, (VDH) an expandable system with state of the art technology as a result of a joint development between AMCS Group & Terberg Machines.

The Vehicle Data Hub integrates seamlessly with our range of bin lifting systems and side loading collection equipment. The VDH9013 Weighing and VDH6012 ID system can be fitted on other brand RCV's, side loaders or FEL's.

VDH9013 certified dynamic weighing system provides an accurate, reliable and efficient solution.

The VDH 9013 dynamic weighing system has been type approved to MID 204/22/EC and can be certified to Class Y(a) & Y(b) The system produces weights with a minimum content of 0.5 kg as standard for domestic 2-wheel containers. This provides the ideal solution for recycling schemes where low density, high volume materials such as plastics, cans & milk cartons often weigh less than the 5 kilograms minimum offered by similar weighing systems. VDH9013 produces weights for a minimum content of 5 kilograms as standard for trade containers. The accuracy of the VDH9013 system is maintained for collection vehicles even when they are positioned at an angle of up to 10%.


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